Steps Care Preventive Fire Extinguisher tube every month

Steps Care / Preventive Fire Extinguisher tube every month

Steps Care Preventive Fire Extinguisher tube every month

In handling is done periodically.
1. Make sure the needle position Pressure (Type Stored Pressure) on positions filled gas or green zone on the control Pressure;
2. At Cartridge make sure the tube does not seal off position;
3. Make sure the seal is in good condition and in the funnel were no stains on the agent;
4. Should the tube always be clean to avoid corrosion and dust which can be closed Pressure control;
5. Periodically turn the tubes, especially tubes containing powder to position the powder in it does not freeze and then position it again as before;
6. Make sure the tubing hanger fire extinguishers in a strong state that are not easily fall;
7. To provide wheeled tube of lubricant on the wheels to avoid traffic jams and make sure also to position and Hanger tires in good condition;
8. Try to position the fire extinguishers placed in a position that is easily accessible by people so that in case of fire can be fast in handling (Quick Response);
9. Avoid placement of fire extinguishers from direct exposure to the sun or rain. Should be given a protective cover and if the position is outside (Outdoor).

Steps Care / Preventive Fire tubes annually

In this treatment tube Fire dismantled to check each instrument or parts in it is still fit for use or not.
In this case we should have to first know the parts and essential instrument in the tube Fire.

Step – step Treatment is as follows:
1. For the tube containing the powder check and make sure the powder which when frozen or moisture should be replaced;
2. Clean the tubes of dirt and make sure the sticker still readable instructions, hose – the hose is not clogged, funnel, clamp / hose clamp and valve are not damaged / lost;
3. Check back pressure indicator is still in a state function or not, when jammed / damaged should be replaced;
4. Make sure the awl cartridge in a state of sharp and apply a little lubricant around the needle to avoid traffic jams. Indicated needle cartridge is often jammed if it is not maintained due to dust and corrosion;
5. Make sure the pipes to drain agent and gas (the type of cartridge) always clean and not clogged or broken;
6. Make sure the coil springs and Pen Valve are not bent / broken or per’ve not spring, it should be replaced if it does not work well;
7. Check all rubber-rubber seal / O-ring and apply a little lubricant to avoid brittle, if there are brittle or lost / damaged should be replaced;
8. To extinguisher CO2 gas manifold or cartridge should be replaced if the CO2 content of gas in the tube is no longer standard or reduced to 10% of the total weight;
9. Check all threaded screw which, if defective / slek, should not be used again and apply a little lubricant is still good if that does not rust before closing;
10. If the tube there are defects such as dents, bubbly, rust / leaked or used welding / repair, the tube should not be used again;
11. And replace the safety pin and the seal also record and give the results of the examination mark or Treatment;
12. To the tube manifold Halon fire extinguishers or other gas Treatment method followed No. 2, 3, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9. 10 and 11;
13. For manifold tube Fire extinguisher foam / water Treatment method followed No. 2, 3, 5, 6, 7, 9, 10 and 11.


How to Cope with Dry Skin Naturally and Easily

How to cope with dry skin. A healthy and glowing skin is the dream of every person, no matter it was male or female. In no uncertain weather like this it would be easier problematic skin. Not just the weather, being in an air conditioned room which can cause our skin dry.

How to Cope with Dry Skin Naturally and Easily

how to cope with dry skin
Then why the hell do we get dry skin, what causes skin us dry. Listen ya his review. Dry skin can occur when our skin is unable to maintain the level of humidity. So when we were in the room was air conditioned it’s cold, then why our skin feels dry. Ya this reason, when we were in the room was air conditioned cold and fresh weve but you know it if in an air conditioned room air is dry actually, nah it that causes our skin so dry even hair can become tangled. Shower with water that is too hot can cause the skin to dry, and use soap that does not fit can also affect loh. So how the heck do I fix this, let’s take a look.

How To Deal With Dry Skin and Dull
There are several things you can do to cope with dry skin and dull. Commercial use of cosmetics to use chemicals.

Using a moisturizing lotion
In the heat like this, you do not be lazy to use a moisturizer yes, like the use of hand and body lotion. Use lotion is better used when discharged a shower, because by the time we finished showering skin is still moist. So use more leverage. Do not forget the soles of the feet, the oil glands that there are very few. Do not want the leather soles of our feet broken.

Drinking enough water
Drink at least 8 glasses of water per day. Dehydration can also cause the skin to be dry too. In addition to maintaining the skin, the drinking water is also good for health.

Vitamin enough
The skin also needs vitamin intake is enough. Vitamins are needed by the skin include vitamin A, vitamin C and vitamin E or as we used briefly for easy recall Vit ace.

How to Solve Skin Dry and Dull
For the face, in addition to problems with acne and scars also troubled by moisture. If our skin tends to damp acne will easily sit sweetly in our face. Already missing so that they leave former. The scar would make us and not confident, to remove not need to be expensive – really expensive there are natural ingredients that we can use. Want to know how yuk read on how to remove acne scars naturally easy and fast. If the matter with dry skin and dull we can also using natural ingredients for decrease . The natural ingredients of what is there to be used as a way to cope with dry skin on the face.

Using aloe vera
The plant slimy yes weve rich benefits. Aloe vera is also beneficial for dry skin. Quite easy download fresh aloe vera. Rinse and then break and push until it comes out the mucus. Apply aloe vera facial mucous wait about 15 minutes and finally rinse thoroughly. Besides beneficial dry skin, the efficacy of aloe vera for hair health is also not in doubt. Aloe vera is able to cope with severe hair loss, let’s read on how to cope with severe hair loss quickly and easily.

Using milk and honey
Take 3 teaspoons of milk and 1 teaspoon of honey, mix well capur and then use a mixture of milk and honey mask earlier. Wait about 15 minutes and then rinse with clean water.

Quite White Water Intake
Drink at least 8 glasses of water in one har. It aims to meet the needs of fluids in the body. If fluids are met, then the skin will always moist.

Well like that stuff – the things we can do as a way to cope with dry skin. It is most important and should not be forgotten is the drinking water in sufficient quantities min which is 1.5 liters or 8 glasses per day. Because of the beautiful in its longer lasting.

Scene 7 Laucher Popular Cool Android Smartphone 2016

The application list themes / android launcher of the most popular in 2016 will be discussed in the post below. Why? Because many of the users gadged who do not know that there are some themes android app which is very cool and definitely make you will not get tired of staring at your favorite android smartphone. With the launcher, your smartphone look more attractive and more professional so it is worth to try. If you always use the default theme on your phone, you will definitely feel bored because it has been too long staring at the pattern, and the same gesture anyway. , your problem will be answered after you use multiple launcher following: indexapk



Zen Launcher
Activating ZenUI, formerly known as ASUS activator, is now available for all Android devices that operate on version 4.3 and above, its must-have:
Your style, your choice: use a variety of wallpapers, themes, types of folders, and effects. Using this type of font and font size that fits your home screen.
Intuitive overview screen customization: get its trailer while adjusting your ZenUI Activating reliability.
Scroll down and look for lightning-fast: find application and contact you instantly check the trending topics and search with the new Quick Search feature.
Manage effectively your home screen: swipe up to access Bubble settings, such as wallpaper and theme system, to adjust the Enabler ZenUI. Organize your applications and folders in Single Layer Mode (access all the applications on the home screen) or Layer Two Mode (access the application using a shortcut home screen). Automatically group related apps in one folder using a Smart Folder to create home screen you keep neat. Activating ZenUI integrated with Application Lock and Hide application to protect your application from a surveillance and unauthorized access.
GO Launcher
GO Launcher Z 2.0 has been officially circulated! An interface is a new flat with attractive design and experience interactive controls, improved working and efficiency significantly, adding new useful features and outstanding to be closer to the user, say goodbye to the application past, present experience of personalizing your new phone. GO launcher serves more than 10,000 beautiful themes for users, professional designers created a lot of stylish themes to you every week, users can personalize the theme by installing mobile phone interface, enjoy the caring service that enriches your mobile world. With the development of the 3D engine itself, GO Launcher presents the user experience quick, fast, safe and smooth and animated effects are outstanding, dedication to be the best partner in life and work for the Android mobile phone users. Through application is smart, clean-up program that operates excessive, speed up your phone’s response, to make sure the phone is operating quickly and smoothly and always in prime condition. Features menu GO Launcher that will uniquely integrate useful features to the screen with more than 25 animation effects, more than 15 App Widget free, over 10,000 special theme design, signaling the operational comfortable and fast, Go Launcher you all in the palm of your hand.

Hi Launcher
Introduce Hola Launcher 2.0: Faster, more beautiful with a variety of features to experience like never before. Get the icon HD 10000 elegant to make your smartphone is different from the others. Clock and Weather Widget provides the latest weather info for one week with an appealing look, you can also add callouts several cities for weather updates throughout the world. Swipe left to access the latest news and content quality in Holazine. Scroll down to do a good search on the internet or in your app with Search feature updated, faster, and convenient. Hola Launcher will spoil your eyes by providing attractive wallpapers, new, and free every day, so you can enjoy the beauty that is different every day. Features include:
Hola Shine: easy sliding movement of the left or bottom right corner will open a clever menu contains applications and frequently used settings such as WiFi, Bluetooth, flash lights, etc.
Search: Slide down on the screen to search for apps, contacts or web sites quickly. You can also use the search by voice!
Box Hola: Protects privacy by sliding two fingers up to hide or access applications that do not want to appear on the desktop.
Booster – Free memory (RAM) and further speed up the phone with a single tap.
Personalization: Download, install, and enjoy the theme, wallpaper, and high-quality fonts for FREE and PERMANENTLY. Updated every Friday!
Alert: Important messages from friends and family will never again be missed thanks to the notification icon on the home screen for dialing, SMS, etc.
Lock Screen: Just tap the screen twice to lock the phone screen, freeing and extend the life of the power button.
Forecast: Looking at the weather forecast information easily to 6 days ahead.
Application Heart: Finding new applications of high quality every day, without the need to open the App Store.

I Launcher
By using this theme, will be tasteless wear real Apple smartphone. iLauncher very delicate, beautiful launcher that makes it feel like your phone to be different. UI is clear and intuitive so that it can be used without any instructions. Features include: smooth scrolling, Animated Delicate, Long tap on an icon to let you edit icons, short touch of the icons in the editing mode displays a menu of individual customization, Overlap icon to create a folder, Pull down to look for

Launcher 8
Launcher 8 is an excellent application for you to experience the mobile phone UI style Windows on your Android device. This will make your Android phone homescreen looks like Windows Phone. You can customize the layout of Windows mobile personalization for your Android phone. This launcher Features include:
Custom tile: Choose different sizes of tiles, modifying the color and icon of the tile;
Tile Images: You can add special features tiles, like time, LED light, life and contacts Gallery Live.
LockScreen: Add up your mind to manage LockScreen with style settings and passwords;
StatusBar: Managing Your StatusBar style, the time display, and color settings;
DIY Folder: Create a new folder tab. Hide and lock folders with password;
Theme: Back up and restore the theme. Themes can be uploaded and downloaded online;
Wallpaper: Rich in resources for the background wallpaper, lockscreen available online, also supports dynamic wallpaper;
Notification Application: DIY mode to display a warning message notifications your app.
Super search: greater search capabilities and faster for web and local information.
Next Launcher 3D
Launcher 3D Shell shows you how 3D dynamic effects and highly customizable Android home screen replacement app could define your Android device. Time to get rid of the flat traditional launcher and embrace REAL 3D Launcher! You deserve it! Shel 3D Launcher is a gorgeous app packed with dynamic effects and 3D elements, transition effects, etc. Main feature:
3D effect is very luxurious with a smooth experience
Real 3D Home Screen Transition Effects (Crystal, Cloth, Folding and nicer coming soon)
Amazing with 3D screen preview with dazzling animation screen switching
Build unique icon style by changing the size, angle, style and label (Icon Editor)
Combine all good parts from different themes into a single theme you really love (Theme Mix Mode)
Up to 8 different moves available on the home screen
Your mobile phone can be by blowing all the icons and the widgets to air space (Floating Mode)
Increased shining border effects for home screen transition
Up to 7 rows on dock to shortcut all your favorites
3D themes and live wallpapers special designed by GO Launcher Dev Team

Nahh, that’s 7 Laucher themes Popular Android Smartphone 2016 Cool that you can choose according to their individual tastes. Or if you want to try each one you please first try to download it on google play store. Hopefully helpful, thank you ….

History as a symbol Wedding Rings

Not much is known about the history of wedding rings. Try it you remember, have you ever wondered why the ring be a symbol of marriage and why are paired on the ring finger? Well, this time The Bride Dept. will be a little review of the history of wedding rings interest to you refer to.

In ancient times, the pharaoh who ruled Egypt make the circle as a symbol of marriage. Circular shape which does not have a tip is considered suitable to represent marriage to remain immortal. Does that mean the ring has become a symbol of marriage since the era of Ancient Egypt? No, because the new ring as a symbol of marriage officially during the era of the Roman Empire.

The first wedding ring ever created has a high iron content. Gold began to be used as raw material for the ring when it was realized that gold is wonderful combined with gemstones. Ruby is a stone which became a symbol of the wedding ring first trimmer. The color red is considered to represent the color of the heart. In addition to rubies, sapphires also became a symbol decorate wedding rings are popular because they represent heaven, but to decorate a wedding ring is the most popular diamond. Diamonds are virtually indestructible considered to add to the meaning of a wedding ring which has a circular shape and meaning immortality.



Clicking Here: Engagement Rings with Sapphires

The nature of the diamond that is almost indestructible also give rise to many myths in different regions. Ancient Indian civilization believed that diamonds had the power to defeat Satan or other evil beings, whereas the ancient Greek civilization is believed that the diamond came from the stars falling and useful to protect the person wearing it.

When did people start exchanging rings? Well, the tradition of exchange of wedding rings that we always look at every wedding was first introduced by the Greek Orthodox church in the 1300s. Yes, it was the tradition of wedding ring exchange hundreds of years old!

Why wedding ring worn on the ring finger on the finger and not the other?

In daily activities, how often do you use your sweet fingers? Very rarely right course? This is the reason for wearing a wedding ring on the ring finger. On the one hand, the size of the ring finger rated fit for a beautiful wedding ring.

Chinese people have their own beliefs about wearing a wedding ring on the ring finger. They believe that each finger on the hand have specific meanings, ranging from the thumb symbolizes trust parents to the little trust symbolize children. Well, the ring finger is believed to symbolize the couple that can not be separated, resulting in finger worn wedding rings.

Why is worn on the right hand and not the left hand?

The habit of wearing a wedding ring on the ring finger of the right hand comes from confidence in Ancient Greece and Ancient Romans believed that the blood vessels right hand ring finger leads directly to the heart. These blood vessels are also commonly called vena amoris (vein of love). Nonetheless, there are many people who wear a wedding ring on the ring finger of his left hand. The reason is simple, because the left hand they are not the dominant hand is used in everyday activities. If for example a wedding ring worn on the right hand which is the dominant hand, the possibility of the ring will be easily damaged.

Actually, at any fingers and the hand of any man or a woman wearing a wedding ring, it did not matter, because the ring you have become a symbol of love itself. So, do not be confused just because of problems fingers or hands for mounting rings yes, brides

Nutritional content and Durian Fruit Benefits

Durian, which is considered one of the most exotic fruits in Indonesia is indeed very delicious taste. Durian fruit has its unique characteristics, the meat is tender, fragrant and delicious taste. But unfortunately not everyone also who love durian fruit, even if some people feel smell durian. Durian also known as the King Of Fruit in many foreign countries.


Durian is an exotic fruit-producing area known as Brunei, Indonesia and Malaysia. Durian tree begins to bear fruit after planting up to four or five years. Durian tree can grow up to 50 meters high, depending on the varieties.

Durian including seasonal fruit, there are markets usually start around June to August, which coincides with the harvest of other tropical fruits such as mangosteen, jackfruit and mango.

Feature durian fruit is large, if overcooked issued a strong smell that is unique, and the entire skin covered with sharp spines. Usually heavy durian cook about 1-4 kilograms, but the shape varies from round to oblong. Durian skin color was green with brown and yellow or cream-colored flesh depending on the type.

Durian has a small seed-covered flesh, round or oval shape and is like jackfruit seeds. Many people discard seeds durian, although it can actually be eaten after boiling. Durian seeds has a bland taste similar to the taste jackfruit seeds.


Durian Fruit Benefits


Durian fruit for health benefits

Durian, such as tropical fruits such as bananas, avocado, and jackfruit, rich in energy, minerals and vitamins. 100 g of fresh durian fruit contains 147 calories.

Energy sources

Durian fruit texture is soft, making it easy to digest because it is made of simple sugars such as fructose and sucrose. When eaten durian, then he will soon produce energy and revitalize the body directly. Although fats are relatuf higher than other fruits, durian saturated fat and cholesterol-free.

Fruits high in fiber

Durian is rich in dietary fiber, so it can be a good laxative. Fibers of durian will help protect the intestinal mucous membrane by reducing the time of exposure, as well as binding chemicals cause colon cancer.

rich in Antioxidants

Durian fruit is a good source of the antioxidant vitamin C (about 33% of RDA). Consumption of foods rich in vitamin C will help your body become resistant infections and harmful free radicals.

Durian fruit is also a source of B-complex group of vitamins, such as niacin, riboflavin, pantothenic acid (vitamin B5), pyridoxine (vitamin B-6) and thiamin (vitamin B-1). This vitamin is essential for the body and can only be obtained from outside sources, ie food.

Rich source of minerals

Mineral owned durian fruit is also good, such as manganese, copper, iron and magnesium. Manganese is used by the body as a co-factor of the antioxidant enzyme, superoxide dismutase. Copper is required in the body produce red blood cells, while the body Iron is needed for red blood cell formation.

source of Potassium

Durian fruit is a very rich source of potassium. Potassium is an important electrolyte in the cell and body fluids that helps control heart rate and blood pressure.

Source of essential amino acids

Not only that, because durian also contains essential amino acids with high levels, ie tryptophan (also known as “natural sleeping pill”), which will be metabolized in the body into serotonin and melatonin. It is a chemical compound that has an important function, useful as sleep induction in the treatment of epilepsy.

Here’s the nutritional value of durian in more detail, according to the USDA (National Nutrient data base)

Durian fruit (Durio zibethinus), Nutritional value per 100 g. (Source: USDA)

Energy 147 Kcal 7%
Carbohydrates 27.09 g 21%
Protein 1.47 g 2.5%
Total Fat 5:33 g 20%
Cholesterol 0 mg 0%
Dietary Fiber 3.8 g 10% Vitamin Folate 36 mcg 9% Niacin 1.074 mg 7 % pantothenic acid is 0.230 mg 4.5% Pyridoxine 0,316 mg 24% Riboflavin 0.200 mg 15% Thiamin 0.374 mg 31% Vitamin A 44 IU 1.5 Vitamin C 19.7 mg 33%
Sodium 2 mg 0%
Potassium 436 mg 9.5% Mineral Calcium 6 mg 0.6% Copper 0207 mg 23% Iron 0:43 mg 5% Magnesium 30 mg 7.5% Manganese 0.325 mg 14% Phosphorus 39 mg 6% Zinc 0 , 28 mg of 2.5% Phyto-nutrients Carotene-Î ± 6 mcg – Carotene-ay 23 mcg – Lutein-zeaxanthin

Selecting and storing fruit durian

durian fruit that little be expensive, but if a season arrived, the durian is easy to come across a fruit shop. ripe durian fruit falls from the tree by itself. But quite difficult choosing the durian sold traditional market, sometimes we buy immature fruit. Characteristic of durian were really cooking in addition to a very strong smell, when you tap it will feel like a hollow. durian can also be stored in the refrigerator for several days, but previously need to be opened outer skin barbed ..

Many durian fruit is processed into many kinds of food, making cakes etc. However, in circumstances still fresh edible too delicious taste. If desired, Durian seeds also can be boiled or baked goods to eat, tastes similar to jackfruit seeds or potatoes.

EasyDonation Form PayPal

EasyDonation Form PayPal
In Online Banking, it is simple to create a Kode Bank BCA amongst your TD Bank accounts, or to schedule future and recurring transfers. If you favor that many of us don’t use these details, you’ll opt from online behavioral advertising In case you opt out, though, you’ll still receive generic advertising. Additionally, financial advisors/Client Managers may will continue to use information collected online to supply product and service information in accordance with account agreements. Also, in case you opt from online behavioral advertising, you’ll still see ads once you sign in within your account, for instance through Online Banking or MyMerrill. Please evaluate the Personal Schedule of Fees to your state, also available for your local Banking Center.
Electronic Funds Kode Bank BCA FAQs from Bank of America Transfer funds with ease with Bank of America Online Banking. Union Bank accounts which you own will certainly be added within your collection of accounts available, so that you could start making transfers amongst your Union Bank accounts immediately. Just add their checking, savings, or money market account within your Online Banking account profile. Wire funds from the Union Checking account to any checking account within the US. An excellent option when you need your funds to get to same day.
Once your external accounts are established and verified to your protection, just log in to Online Banking and schedule one-time or recurring transfers between any of your respective accounts. The Transfers tab in Online Banking keeps your entire Kode Bank BCA information in one place. I paid 500$ to William brother and got my bank transfer within 7 hours lol its amazing to labor with him.
This really is my responsibility to transfer the required amount with your account so when it is going to be show fully transfered than my work will certainly be overi will use my personal opportinity for explicate payment so no dispute no chargeback chances. Offering moneybookers/skrill Kode Bank BCA is really a instant payment/transferim using safer and safer solution to transfer moneybookers so there isn’t any chargebak and negative feedback.
Kode Bank BCA
Using hacked and verified Paypal accounts to Kode Bank BCA Paypal account to account Kode Bank BCA if you’re genious then it is simple to dodge paypal and revel in big free online money from is depends upon you and that is most safest solution to earn money. Once you send smaller amounts like $250, it is going to be better to work with PayPal – the fee will certainly be only about $7-8. But just in case of bigger transfers, like $1000, it is going to be cheaper to pick bank (fee of $30 just in case of PayPal is bigger then flat fee of $20). Along the route I received help from many mentors I found on the web and inside a bookstore.
Plus naturally you will need to select the currency on the transfer just in case you need to send profit currency different then your own personal (for example you’re form Australia but need to create a transfer in USD). Costs can include – a fee to the transfer charged with your bank, fees of any bank participating simultaneously and by the end – fees of the recipient bank (there are not any usually).
Instead it goes with the USA and there’s an additional bank participating simultaneously (these would be so called correspondent banks). They shouldn’t, because it is done automatically, but just in case they do, ask your supplier to provide you with this data because it is dependent upon their bank and who it cooperates with. Much of the trend could be attributed to National Bank Transfer Day, that is scheduled for Nov. The movement has attracted greater than 74, 000 fans on its Facebook page as well as for weeks fans have riddled the website with posts crying foul over the things they see as unjustified fees nibbling away at their checking accounts.

Different Kartu Kredit BRI Visa and Mastercard

Different Kartu Kredit BRI Visa and Mastercard
Details about products not manufactured by Apple, or independent websites not controlled or tested by Apple, is provided with no recommendation or approval. Apple Isn’t chargeable for election-related, performance, or use in the website or third party products. Apple doesn’t provide opinions regarding the accuracy or reliability of any third party website. Risk is inseparable from the application of the Internet. Contact the vendor to learn more.
That’s why the options of payment by charge card at the moment is usually to be excellent, because along with all online merchants can accept charge card, payment may also be done online without having to physically navigate to the bank, ATM or merchant itself. The payout was straight directly into seller’s account, in order that the whole process of sale involving the buyer and also the seller no delays.
January – card users shop having a total transaction price of Rp 5, 000, 000. Thus received the bill on January 18 amounting to Rp 5, 000, 000. and also a maturity date of February 8. On February 6, before maturity, the card user designed a payment of Rp Rp 4, 000, 000. Thus, the leftover unpaid debts (outstanding) is Rp 1, 000, 000
Kartu Kredit BRI
When you choose not menulasi all loans from banks – then you will end up charged interest. Obviously the sooner the bill is paid, the less the accrued interest. Be certain you understand the terms and provisions laid down policies and also your charge card. The interest rate varies from a single card completely to another, partly taking into account interest with out a grace period. Some began to charge interest direct from date in the transaction or each time a transaction is processed inside the system. Other banks no charge interest direct from date of billing.
If you don’t pay the bill in full, the interest of that has not been dibatarkan amount will certainly be added to the volume of your debt bill. If the happens, you’ll pay compound interest or compound interest. Each new spending may be incorporated into the complete bill and initiate to charged interest. If you’ve got a larger bill, in that case minimum payment is surely an expensive method to use your charge card.
In case the codes match, then automatically your PayPal account is instantly validated and verified. In addition to a fund of $ 1. 95 inquisitive about Kartu Kredit BRI Balance will certainly be restored such as PayPal. This means you don’t have to worry if at all the start of the withdrawal won’t be lost useless. Well, the image below whenever you got it right and successfully say hello to the 4 code sent with your charge card statement. The outcomes are immediately Verified Accounts.
When you have been thinking the name, date of birth, charge card number and code data safety is priceless, that opinion can be slightly changed. Inside the Intel Security report, entitled The Hidden Data Stolen Economy The Marketplace for Digital Information ” exposed information surprisingly diverse data stolen and sold illegally, and it was eventually not only charge card data or banking accounts of somebody.

Amazon Makes a Nice Native Cloud Player App for iPhone and iPod Touch

Amazon Makes a Nice Native Cloud Player App for iPhone and iPod Touch
Looking to download Hindi MP3 songs on the web – Amazon is a good place to find some good Indian music that’s DRM free and costs less than the iTunes store. If you enjoy Amazon’s MP3 store, you’ll definitely frequent it. Depending on how much you listen to music this app can be a life saver. AndroidTapp is the best Android App Reviews, Android Apps , Android News, Android App Recommendations, and Interviews with mobile app developers. If you’ve never used a web-app before, the experience is very similar to that of an app you’d download from the App Store. When you visit the Amazon store, it has an intuitive gesture control system to swipe through the carousels of individual songs, plus the option to listen to a 30-second preview before you buy. I have to wonder if they’re going to yank the app down the way they did with SkyDrive.
Amazon’s MP3 store is serious competition for iTunes, as for the first time, prices can be compared, quickly and easily, then purchased on the device. To access Amazon’s MP3 store, you’ll need to open Safari and head to /mp3, where a library of more than 22 million songs and two million albums awaits. Directions for connecting the cord to the MP3 player will vary based upon your particular MP3 player. For what it’s worth, Amazon has several core apps on WP already – i.e. Audible, Kindle and Amazon itself.
Once inside, you can purchase music in the same way as you would normally, but the songs aren’t downloaded to your device, and are instead stored inside Amazon’s Cloud Player ready to be played back on any other connected device. They only make money when you use devices with Amazon services, and those devices can be made by their competitors for all they care.
Choose Songs” under the Library” category at the far left of the program window and all of the music in Windows Media Player will be in the center window. First, I wrote previously that Amazon is uniquely positioned among the digital ecosystem providers —a group that also includes Apple, Google, and Microsoft—in that it is the only firm in the bunch that makes money primarily/solely through the selling of content.
It started with Apple, which now infamously prevents iOS app makers from providing even links to external stores inside of their apps. So while Amazon provides, say, a Kindle app for iPhone/iPad/iPod touch, it cannot provide a way for users to purchase eBooks for Kindle within that app without giving Apple a 30 percent vig. And while buying music from the web and then listening to it in a separate app isn’t as seamless as it could be, thanks to Apple, Amazon’s embrace of cloud computing does at least mean that all purchases you do make are immediately available in Cloud Player.
And due to the popularity of iOS, Amazon makes a nice native Cloud Player app for iPhone and iPod touch that works with the Amazon Cloud Player solution I use But because of Apple’s restrictions, Amazon can’t even point users to Amazon MP3 from within the app, as they can on Android (and on the web-based client PC users access). So as it does with Kindle, Amazon is now getting around this restriction by offering a web-based version of the Amazon MP3 Store that iOS users can access from Apple’s web browser, Safari. In its announcement for the product , Amazon notes that this makes its catalog of 22 million songs available to iPhone and iPod touch users for the first time.
The only down side I can think of is us Canadian users, to whom Amazon doesn’t offer as much in the way of services. It drives me nuts that in Audible’s TV ads, they list iTunes and Google Play but not the logo for Windows Phone, even though there’s an Audible Windows Phone app available. The bigger question to me here is what reaction Apple will have now that Amazon is AGAIN bypassing iStore policies.

How to Grow Hydroponics Techniques Pakcoy Wick

Do you know what it pakcoy? Maybe you never eat it but do not know his name. For you who are curious about what it is and how to plant me with a hydroponic system, please read pupuk organik this article once.

Make friends with Pakcoy

Pakcoy that green vegetables are still a group with mustard. Even pakcoy often called mustard spoon due to its shape which is similar to a spoon. There is also calling sweet mustard or mustard meat because the base is soft and thick as the meat.

Pakcoy used for soups or as an ornamental material is taste of Chinese food. There pakcoy very popular and spread to other countries, including Indonesia. Not only the Chinese people, the indigenous people began like pakcoy as tasty and benefits contained in pakcoy.

How to Plant a Pakcoy or Sawi Spoon Hydroponics Systems

Planting pakcoy hydroponics is basically the same as other hydroponic growing crops. We do not require a large area for gardening. And the results can be for family consumption or can even be used as a side business.

How to plant a mustard spoon pakcoy or hydroponic system very easy. You can utilize the bottles and choose hydroponic techniques which are the most convenient. If you have selected, then we started planting pakcoy hydroponics.


Highly recommended for you who intend to plant pakcoy with hydroponics system to prepare all the necessary tools. Here are the tools needed to grow hydroponic pakcoy.

  1. Rockwool
  2. Net pot
  3. nutrients hydroponics
  4. seed pakcoy
  5. Flannel
  6. Sterofom
  7. Human
  8. Other tools used appropriate techniques


Pakcoy prepared seed put in the planting medium. But earlier, growing media wetted and can use rockwool. Every nursery, just put 1-2 seeds pakcoy. Cover tightly and stored in a dark place in order to retain moisture until the seeds sprout issued. Open the cover if Benis already sprouted. Move to a place exposed to the sun so that growth is not only rising.


When it came out 3-4 leaves, you can move the seedlings to the planting medium that has been prepared beforehand. Give the hydroponic nutrients that have been dissolved so that optimal growth.


Check the condition of the plants pakcoy regularly. And not to run out of nutrients.


Pakcoy harvest time usually on the 45th.

Thus I created this article, hopefully useful..

Follow the steps above in order to obtain optimal results. May be useful.

Origin of Lake Toba Sumatera

In North Sumatra, there is a huge lake and in the midst of the lake there is an island. The lake was called Lake Toba while in the middle of the island called Samosir Island. The lake is said to originate from a specific god.

In a village in Sumatra, the life of a farmer. He was a farmer who diligently working even though the farm was not extensive. He can be self-sufficient from their work tireless. In fact he was already enough to get married, but he still chose to live alone. In a sunny morning, the farmer was fishing in the river. “Hopefully today I got a big fish,” the farmer muttered to myself. Some time after the hook is thrown, fishing rod seen wobbling. He immediately pulled the hook. The farmer was cheered with joy after receiving a sizeable fish.



He was amazed to see the beautiful color of fish scales. The fish scales golden yellow reddish. Both round and bulging eyes flashing amazing. “Wait, I do not eat! I would be willing to accompany you if you were not so eat me. “Farmers are surprised to hear the voice of the fish. Because of the shock, they catch fish fell to the ground. Then do not how long, the fish was transformed into a very beautiful girl. “Dream I ?,” muttered farmers.

“Do not worry sir, I am a human like you. I am very indebted to you for saving me from the curse of the Gods, “the girl said. “My name is Princess, I do not mind to be your wife,” said the girl as urgent. Farmers even then nodded. They became husband and wife. However, there is a promise that has been agreed upon, namely that they can not tell the origin of the Princess of fish. If the promise was broken, there will be a terrible disaster.

Having reached the village, stirred villagers look beautiful girl together farmers. “He may be an angel coming down from heaven,” they murmured. Farmers are very happy and peaceful. As a good husband, he continued to work to earn a living by cultivating rice fields and fields with persevering and tenacious. Due diligence and tenacity, the farmer life without flaws in his life. Many people envy, and they spread a nasty suspicion that could topple the success of farmers. “I know it definitely maintain Farmers spirits! “Someone said to his friend. It reached the ears of Farmer and Princess. Yet they do not feel offended, even more diligent work.

A year later, the farmer and his wife increased happiness, because Farmer’s wife gave birth to a baby boy. It was given the name Prince. Their happiness does not make them forget themselves. Son grow into a child who is healthy and strong. It was sweet but a little naughty child. He has a habit of making surprise his parents, that is always hungry. Foods that should be eaten three of them could eat alone.

Eventually, the Son always upset her father. If told to helping parents work, she always refused. The farmer’s wife always reminds Farmers to be patient on the act of their child.”Yes, I will be patient, however he was our child!” Said Farmer to his wife. “Thankfully, kanda thinking like that. Kanda was a husband and a good father, “said Princess to her husband.

Indeed, they say, patience has limits. This is experienced by the farmer. One day, the Son has the task to deliver food and drinks to the fields where his father was working. But the Son is not fulfilling its duties. Farmers awaiting the arrival of his son, while holding thirst and hunger. He went straight home. See her son in playing ball. Farmers became angry as he tweaked his ear. “Children do not know fortune! Ungrateful! Basic fry! “Vituperation the Farmer unwittingly uttered the taboo.

After farmers say the words, from that moment his wife and children disappeared. Without a trace and trail. The former stamping his feet, suddenly out torrential water and getting heavier. Peasant Village and surrounding villages submerged all. Water overflowed very high and wide to form a lake. And finally forming a lake. The lake was eventually known as Lake Toba. The small island in the middle called Samosir Island.